Etsy Variations: How many can you have? (Answered)

Etsy is a website where people can sell their handmade or one-of-a-kind products.

The option to provide variants of your items, such as different sizes, colors, or styles, is one of Etsy’s best features.

But how many variations can you have on Etsy?

How many variations can you have on etsy?

How many variations can you have on etsy

70 variations per product option is the maximum on Etsy. You can have up to two product options per listing. Things like; style, size, scent, or any other aspect of the product that you can think of.

While having a large number of variations can be helpful for offering a wide range of options to your customers, it can also be overwhelming and difficult to manage.

It’s important to strike a balance and only offer variations that make sense for your business and are necessary for your customers.

It’s also worth considering the time and resources it will take to create, manage, and track all of these variations.

However, when first launching a product on Etsy, having many variations can be a good thing, in the short term.

Track your sales and see which variants sell better than others, and then focus in on those variants, deleting the rest. This is a great way to optimize your product listings.

The Importance of Unique SKUs for Etsy Variations

Unique SKUs (stock keeping units) are an essential part of managing variations on Etsy. A SKU is a unique identifier for each variation that helps you track and manage your inventory.

Having unique SKUs for each variation is important because it allows you to accurately track your inventory and sales. When a customer purchases a variation of your product, the corresponding SKU is subtracted from your inventory. Without unique SKUs, it can be difficult to know which variation has been sold and which ones are still available.

To give each product variation an SKU, you will need to go to the listing and scroll down to the variations section.

This is where you are given the option to provide each variation with it’s own unique SKU.

Make sure that your SKU system is straightforward and simple to remember.

For example, you might use a combination of letters and numbers to represent different options, such as “SML-BLU” for a small blue variation and “LRG-GRN” for a large green variation.


A well put together SKU system helps you out so much in the long term as your Etsy store begins to grow.

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