Can you do local pickup on etsy? (answered)

explaining how to offer local pickup on etsy

Local pickup allows buyers to pick up their purchased things immediately from the seller’s location rather than having them shipped.

This alternative has a variety of advantages for both buyers and sellers, including financial savings and less environmental impact.

But does Etsy offer local pick up as a shipping option?

Can you do local pickup on Etsy?

Yes. You can do local pickup on Etsy. Unfortunately, Etsy does not have a built-in local pick up shipping option, but they don’t discourage you setting up a local pickup with a seller or buyer.

To offer local pickup as a seller, you can add a note to your listing, policy page and shop announcement that lets buyers know you offer local pickup. If you’re a buyer looking for local pickup rather than shipping, your best bet is to shoot the seller a message.

How to complete Etsy order without shipping

Obviously if you are offering local pickup for your Etsy shop you won’t have shipping information to provide Etsy to mark the order as complete but that’s no issue.

To complete an Etsy order without shipping information, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the order in your orders page
  2. Click the “complete order” button
  3. Under “Shipping carrier” select “Other”
  4. In the shipping carrier text box enter “local pickup”
  5. In the tracking number text box enter “local pickup”
  6. Hit the complete order button at the bottom
mark order complete on etsy local pickup

It’s literally that easy!

Marking your local pickup order as complete on Etsy with this method will also help you stay in good standing for your star seller badge, as this satisfies the “On-time shipping & tracking” section.

Offset shipping costs for local pickup

If you are offering both normal shipping and local pickup for an item you’re selling on Etsy there is no way around charging a local buyer for shipping. Luckily for you, though, I have a way to offset those costs.

Create a local pickup coupon code that will eliminate the cost of shipping and keep it active. If a buyer messages you asking if you offer local pickup, then you provide them with the code.

Another option is to create a custom listing for the buyer, without the shipping charge included in the listing. Check out this video on how to creat custom etsy listings.

It’s not perfect, but short of Etsy coming out with an official local pickup option (Hello? Please Etsy!) it’s the best solution to the problem.

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